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    USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association Reunion 2000
    San Diego, CA

    I was honored in August, 2000 to get to attend the USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association Reunion 2000 in San Diego, CA. My wife Amy and I spent 4 days in beautiful San Diego (out first time there), and we really had a wonderful time. I was able to meet many great guys who knew and remembered my dad from Vietnam. The guys in HMM-363 were just great to me, as they welcomed me as one of their own. My sincere thanks goes out to all of those guys - I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to me to meet you!

    Below are some links to some of the photos I was able to take while at the memorial service at Mirmar Marine Base. There were several Vietnam era helicopters on hand, including YL-42, the UH34D from HMM-362. I got a chance to sit in the cockpit, which was quite an experience for me. I just wish I could have gotten up in the air! Maybe next time, huh. Anyway, check out the pics below and enjoy....

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  • YL-42 #1
  • YL-42 #2
  • YL-42 #3
  • YL-42 #4
  • YL-42 #5
  • YL-42 #6
  • CH-46 #1
  • CH-46 #2
  • "Huey" UH1E
  • Cobra
  • CH-53 #1
  • CH-53 #2
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